The Soufflé-Style creates an ‘eye-liner’ effect, as well as a ‘mascara’ effect. 

Soufflé-Style summed up: An advanced and updated 1D Eyelash Extension, perfected with skills and techniques.

Classy, Elegant, Weightless. The perfect set of lash for the up-class functions and events. I wake up beautiful and expensive, every single day.


“Its freezing cold in London and I’m so reluctant to put on make up . Thanks to Belle Eyelash Extension Singapore & Eyebrow House【美睫站】-By Belle Beauty for this set of beautiful goddess lashes . Now I can say I woke up like this!  @ London, United Kingdom”

@ Hui Yi Hew
Eyelash Extension Singapore - Belle Beauty House
“Now i can say, i woke up like this!” – Hui Yi