Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions.
1. How long do the extensions last?
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and will last up to two months if they’re well taken care of. The extensions may fall as and when your natural lashes fall. It is normal for your natural lashes to fall due to the lash cycle.
2. Are eyelash extensions safe?
If your extensions are applied by a trained and licensed eyelash extensionist/technician, it is completely safe and harmless. Always read reviews and do research on the salon you’re planning to visit.
3. Will extensions damage my natural lashes?
If they’re done at a reputable and trustworthy salon that uses safe glue, you’ll be fine. How they fair after depends on how well you take care of them.
4. Will I be able to apply make up on my eyes after?
Yes, of course. You may apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and even non-waterproof mascara. Just make sure to use water-based make up remover after. Anything oil-based may weaken the glue resulting in lost of extensions.
5. How do I take care of my extensions?
– Avoid pulling, picking or rubbing your lashes at all times. Even when it seems to be falling out, just leave it to fall naturally. Never ever pull an extension out because you may be pulling your natural lash out at the same time.
– Avoid contact with water 6-7 hours after application.
– Do not use oil based make up remover or cleansers.
– Never ever curl your extensions as that might break both the extensions and your natural lashes.
– Occasional short visits to sauna or steam room is fine but prolong usage may cause the glue/adhesive to weaken resulting in lost of extensions.
– If your extensions get tangled, gently brush it with a mascara wand.
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